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Compliance platform for Financial operators


Our client is the most important “Fintech” service center in Italy supporting financial operators.

The group manages more than 200 customers in the financial sector.


Replace customer compliance product activating Phoenix on over 50 customers and integrating all the product into CEDACRI ecosystem.

more specifically, the requirements involved the following areas:

  • Archiving of Financial Reports
  • FATCA Reporting
  • CRS Reporting
  • DAC6 Reporting
  • Tax Monitoring Reporting
  • Tax Monitoring Investigations
  • Financial Investigations
  • Bonus Pos


CST began the project with two main goals:

  • Replacement with less possible impact
  • Full Integration with the client ecosystem without increasing customer costs.

These goals were achieved thanks to our Phoenix Compliance Platform (PCP), a platform designed to manage all customer compliance requirements which offers a single point of access to all financial operators.

Furthermore, the platform, thanks to its built-in connectors and thanks to its “customization ready” function allowed an easy customization.


  • Complete integration meeting the timing and cost requirements thanks to the PCP platform
  • Full access to our platform to all customers without any performance issues
  • Complete integration into the ecosystem by developing and supporting the procedure without any impact on our clients.

Goal of the project:

Full Compliance Coverage
Full Integration
Data Collection Procedures Automation

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